The quick facts:

bullet Resides:  formally of the quirkiest place in the universe -- New Orleans, Louisiana.  Currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia
bullet Age:  Somewhere between 15 and 50
bullet Education:  Associates in Manual Communication (Sign Language) and a Bachelors in Human Resources Counseling specializing in Services for the Deaf with a minor in Sociology
bullet Career:  Naturally, given my education background, I ended up working nearly two decades in animal shelter management but I have also worked as an Interpreter for the Deaf, as a Job Coach Coordinator in Supported Employment (employment services for people with severe disabilities), and as a Programs Director for a church
bullet Favorite saying:  'Hope springs eternal . . . then reality smashes you in the face.'
bullet How others describe me:  'A woman who hasn't realized the 60's ended decades ago';  'Cajun Angel -- equal parts pain and pleasure'; and my favorite, 'Someone with more nerve than an exposed tooth.'


Radar -- Aren't I cute?


My heritage:

I'm of Cajun ancestry which means I come from a long-line of really obnoxious people.  If you don't know what a Cajun is, I'll give you a quick history lesson.  Cajuns started out as a really irritating group in France.  They were so irritating, in fact, that the other French people disliked them greatly and kicked them out of the country.  The group quickly settled in the Nova Scotia area of Canada.  Their true nature began to show itself almost immediately and they were eventually told to leave.  They left Canada in a huff and most of them sailed down to a swampy, miserable (but quite beautiful) area of southern Louisiana.  They continued to be obnoxious but since no one wanted the land they occupied, they could finally stay put.  Today, their cuisine is wildly popular, their music has gained world-wide fans, but the people remain true to their nature -- terribly obnoxious and temperamental.  As you can tell, I'm more than a little proud of my heritage.


Strange but true facts:

My parents were married in a funeral home -- said funeral home was owned by my father's uncle and just happens to be a stunningly beautiful two hundred year old plantation.

I am probably the only person who has been involved in a hit and run with a hearse (try explaining that to an insurance company).

I can cook an authentic five-course Chinese meal but I can't make meatloaf.

In the course of my career, I have been bitten by a hedgehog, an alligator, a groundhog, and a skink.  Luckily, I have few scars to show for it.

My interests:

Musicals.  Current favorites are The Full Monty, Seussical: The Musical, The Producers, Into the Woods, Ipi N'tombi, Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down

Christmas Ornaments  My grandmother loved Christmas and had beautifully intricate ornaments adorning her tree.  From her I learned the joy of creating works of art using only satin balls, rocailles, bugles, rondels, decorative braids, and lots and lots of pins.  My sister and I recently turned my hobby into a full-fledged business.  Check out our website, Christmas Gems, and look around at some of my ornaments.

Books by David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey

Television shows that are quirky and fun like Gilmore Girls, The West WingAll Creatures Great and Small.

Five Mile Creek.  While this show is atypical of what I normally enjoy, the stunning, majestic beauty of the Australian sets, not to mention the superior casting (including my favorite actor, Jay Kerr), makes this my all-time favorite television show.

Political issues.  Not politics but rather the issues that impact politics.  I'm very active in children's welfare, women's issues, environmental concerns, the anti-hatred movement, and animal welfare (primarily dealing with animal shelters).

Reprobates.  Let others have their villain fixations.  I'd much rather watch or read something that has a reprobate.  Favorites include Justin Greystone (Wizards and Warriors), Tristan Farnon (All Creatures Great and Small), Han Solo (Star Wars), Silk (The Belgariad series by David Eddings).


My musings:

The Protest Begins When the Breakfast Bar Closes
(currently down for editing).  A work in progress.  This is what I hope will be an amusing accounting of my time on the frontlines of the abortion issue.  If you are easily offended or are extremely passionate about the issue of abortion, you might want to skip this completely.
Baldur's Gate
Strangely enough, I'm not much of a computer gamer but a friend gave me Baldur's Gate 2 and I was instantly hooked.  The Full Monty is an example of just how twisted I can be.
Wizards and Warriors
You can find some examples of my somewhat limited attempts on this site.  I am rather proud of the song parodies (in particular Let Me Hurt and Maim You) that I co-wrote with Anna M.C., and Phone Home, a parody of Duncan Regehr's acting career.  Fanfiction is found on the Fans side of the site.


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