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Fun Facts


Henry Crawford (Producer) liked to refer to Five Mile Creek as "Little M*A*S*H on the Prairie."


Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott) earned the nickname 'Splash' while filming the scene in which Maggie falls into the ocean during "Making Tracks" (Season 1, episode 1).  Also, in that scene, Louise wore a wetsuit under her costume to protect her from the chilling temperatures of the water.


At times, filming had to be halted due to the noise created by the wild cockatoos in the area.


Many of the cast and crew's children appeared as extras in some episodes, including Henry Crawford's daughter, Louise Caire Clark's sons, and Peter Carroll's daughter.


Jay Kerr (Con Madigan) broke his wrist after being bucked off a horse and wore a flesh-colored cast in four episodes.


Peter Carroll (Charles Withers) refers to one of the restrooms in his home as the "Five Mile Creek Loo" because his salary from the show helped pay for its renovation.

Geoffrey Rush of Pirates of the Caribbean and Shine fame appeared as an uncredited extra in one of the episodes.


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