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20th Anniversary Tribute



Updated the home page and FAQ page with the news about the pending FMC DVD release.



Many, many thanks to River Rat for taking over the administration of this website.  Updates will occur infrequently to the website but it will remain online for fans to explore.

Added to the site:



You may notice something different with this month's update.  The original plan was for the 20th Anniversary tribute to be spread out over 22 months.  However, plans and life circumstances change.  My enjoyment with the site has steadily diminished over the past several months -- primarily due to one person in particular.  Given my lack of enjoyment and some rather monumental changes in my personal life that will be taking place in the next few weeks, I have decided it is time to give up the site.

As a result of this decision, nearly all the content planned for the 20th Anniversary tribute has been included with this month's update.  The site will remain up through May 2004.  Until then I hope that you will enjoy the rare new content that has been prepared for our 20th Anniversary tribute.

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New for December 2003:

  • Video interviews with Liz Burch (Kate Wallace), Tony Blackett ("Backer" Bowman), Susan Leith (Mrs. Drummon), Michael Caton (Paddy Malone), Jonathon Frakes (Adam Scott), Gus Mercurio (Ben Jones), Martin Lewis (Sam), Priscilla Weems (Hannah Scott), Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott), Jay Kerr (Con Madigan), Rod Mullinar (Jack Taylor), and Peter Carroll (Charles Wither)
  • Video trailers and clips for nearly all the episodes.
  • The Official Five Mile Creek Press Kit contains a great deal of fascinating information about the production along with several promotional images.  Our thanks to Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott) for making the press kit available to us.
  • Four new images have been added to the From the Cast and Crew Photo Gallery page.  Our thanks to Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott) and Jan Bladier (Line Producer) for their use as well as Jay Kerr (Con Madigan) for his permission to publish the image provide by Jan Bladier.  Please note:  the image of Jay Kerr is not suitable for young children or those who are easily offended.
  • Two new Disney Channel Magazine Articles.
  • Updated the Fun Facts page
  • The Sound Gallery has been removed as this is an incredibly involved process for which I do not have the time available to work on.
  • Additional information for Peter Carroll and Martin Lewis added.  Thanks to Deb from Australia for the materials.

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