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February 1984


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Have You Missed the Australian Express?

Maggie Scott's (Louise Caire Clark) long search for her husband finally ends, but when Adam Scott (Jonathan Frakes) appears at Five Mile Creek he has a bullet in his side and a price on his head.  Their reunion leaves Maggie distressed and baffled about her future in Australia.

Adam's arrival highlights Episode 7 ("Gold Fever," premiering February 1), in which Con Madigan (Jay Kerr) is shot by nugget hungry bushrangers.  Kate Wallace (Liz Burch) nurses Con back to health, and special feelings stir between them.

Episode 8 ("Annie," beginning February 15) deals with the hardships of childbirth in the outback.  Annie Carruthers (Cheryl Walton) arrives alone at The Haven just as she is going into labor.  Maggie serves as midwife at the delivery, while Con searches for Annie's husband.

These compelling stories -- filled with warm human emotions and the challenge of pioneer life -- are only the beginning.  The series has been extended for another 13 episodes.  Don't miss a single one, exclusively on The Disney Channel.

Episode #7 February 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13
Episode #8 February 15, 18, 20, 23, 27, 29


Off Camera

Interviews with cast members follow each episode of "Five Mile Creek."  This month two American actors share their reactions to working Down Under:  Gus Mercurio (Ben Jackson, pictured below) and Jonathan Frakes (Adam Scott).


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