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March 1984


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Disney Channel Stars Find Gold At Rainbow's End


"It was like winning the lottery," says Louise Caire Clark of her casting as Maggie Scott in The Disney Channel's dramatic series, "Five Mile Creek."

"In my wildest imagination I couldn't dream up a better package:  the people I'm working with, doing a series, going to Australia, Maggie's character, Disney."

After a stint in New York theater; Louise quit acting eight years ago and returned to her native Los Angeles.  She married Peter Greis, an assistant director, and had two sons -- Matthew, 7, and Michael, 3.

When she resumed her career last year, Louise "won the lottery" with her role in "Five Mile Creek."

"There's no star system in Australia.  Everyone in the crew is a 'mate'," she says with a hint of an Aussie accent.  "There's no trailer to hid in, no stand-ins.  It's exhausting and less private, but I think it contributes to the warm family feeling on the show."

What about working with her co-star, Australian actress Liz Burch, who plays Kate Wallace?

"It's funny because she's five two and I'm five ten.  They usually put her closer to the camera, though I'm sure she'd rather have them dig a hole for me," says Louise with a laugh.

"Lizzie's feisty, always got the dukes up.  We compliment each other personally like Maggie and Kate on the show."

After spending Christmas at home in Woodland Hills (Calif.), Louise is back Down Under shooting the next 13 episodes in The Disney Channel exclusive hit series.


page 17:

Adventurers bound for the Australian gold fields disembark from New Endeavor

More and more viewers are welcoming the characters in this continuing dramatic series on The Disney Channel into their homes.

The men and women gathered at an isolated waystation on the Australian Express stage line begin to sink permanent roots there.  In Episode 9 ("Home and Away," premiering March 7), old Harry Stokes (Ray Barrett) seeks refuge at Five Mile Creek and Kate Wallace's (Liz Burch) kindness helps him prepare for an uncertain future.

Kate brings medical care to a family of sick aborigines and lectures Con Madigan (Jay Kerr) on helping orphaned Sam Sawyer (Martin Lewis) feel at home in Episode 10 ("The Awakening," beginning March 21).  Her willingness to stand up for underdogs and see the good in others holds Five Mile Creek together.

Maggie Scott (Louise Caire Clark) has to decide whether to return to America, or remain in Australia to help Kate run The Haven.

Jack Taylor's (Rod Mullinar) first gold shipment is stolen by bushrangers.  With the future of the Australian Express on the line, the men of the Five Mile band together to raid the outlaws' hideout.

Episode #9 March 7, 10, 13, 16, 18, 19
Episode #10 March 21, 24, 27, 29, 30

Off Camera

Rod Mullinar as Taylor

This month Australian actors Rod Mullinar (Jack Taylor) and Martin Lewis (Sam Sawyer) appears in brief, behind-the-scenes interviews following the two new episodes of "Five Mile Creek."


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