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Disney Channel Magazine
May 1985


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    page 15:

    Five Mile Creek

    Louise Caire Clark, Rod Mullinar, Liz Burch, Michael Caton, Peter Carroll, Martin Lewis, Gus Mercurio, Nicole Kidman, Shannon Presby, with Jay Kerr as Con Madigan

    We're delighted that the audience for our Australian epic grows larger and more loyal every season!  These two new episodes premiering this month won't disappoint you!

    Visitors to the Five Mile homestead bring Jack Taylor (Rod Mullinar) nothing but misery this month.  In "A Dog Called Johnson," starting May 1, Jack's indomitable mother pays a call and pressures him to marry Maggie (Louise Caire Clark).  Mrs. Taylor's visit causes more serious problems when her dog is suspected of killing sheep -- and the hostile Armstrongs threaten to shoot the dog on sight!

    In "Fish Out of Water," starting May 15, a charming Irish sea captain seems likely to sweep Maggie off her feet -- much to Jack's dismay.  Meanwhile Sam's (Martin Lewis) pride in his new horse, Fireball, is shattered when his race against Matt's (Shannon Presby) prize steed has crippling effects.

    Editor's Note:  The man identified as Shannon Presby on page 15 of the April issue is actually Scott McGregor.

    "A Dog Called Johnson" May 1, 3, 9, 10, 12, 13
    "Fish Out of Water" May 15, 17, 19, 23, 26, 27


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