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The Wonderful World of Disney Television


The Wonderful World of Disney Television:  A Complete History
by Bill Cotter, published by Hyperion, New York, 1997, ISBN 0-7868-6359-5


pg. 293-4

Five Mile Creek

    Cast:  Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott), Rod Mullinar ("Gentleman Jack" Taylor), Jay Kerr (Con Madigan), Liz Burch (Kate Wallace), Michael Caton (Paddy Malone), Priscilla Weems (Hannah Scott), Martin Lewis (Sam Sawyer), Gus Mercurio (Ben Jones), Peter Carroll (Charles Withers), Tony Blackett ("Backer" Boman [sic] ).

    Just like California, Australia had its own gold rush in the 1860s.  Would-be prospectors flocked to the gold fields, and businesses grew up around the mining camps.  Among the new businesses were stage coach lines, with many smaller firms competing against the biggest name in the industry, Cobb & Co.  This series features life at one of the stage coach stations, Five Mile Creek, located at 40 miles north of Sydney.

Production Note:

  • This series was based on a novel by Louis L'Amour.  It followed the format first set in the anthology episode The Cherokee Trail.


pg. 580

Five Mile Creek

Executive Producer:  Doug Netter.  Producer:  Henry Crawford.  Associate Producers:  Graham Forman, John Copeland.  Directed by:  George Miller, Frank Arnold, Di Drew, Chris Thompson, Michael Jenkins, Kevin Dobson, Brendan Mahr, David Stevens.  Story Editor:  Graham Foreman.  Written by:  Peter Kinloch, Gwenda Marsh, Sarah Crawford, Michael Joshua, Denis Morgan, Bob Caswell, Greg Millin.  Production Managers:  David Lee, Jan Bladier.  1st Assistant Director:  Bob Donaldson.  Continuity:  Jackie Sullivan.  Director of Photography:  Kevan Lind.  Production Designer:  George Liddle.  Composer:  Bruce Smeaton.  Editor:  Tim Wellburn.  Costumer:  Jeny Arnott.  Art Directors:  Lisa Elvy, Igor Nay.  American Casting:  Loretta Crawford.  Casting Director:  Vicki Popplewll.  Gaffer:  Graham Rutherford.  Grip:  Brett McDowell.  Sound:  Syd Butterworth.  Make-up:  Jose Perez.  Hair-dressing:  Joan Petch.  Horse Master and Stunt Coordinator:  Heath Harris.  Post Production Sound:  Stuart Armstrong.  Music Editor:  Garry Hardman.  Series concept inspired by Louis L'Amour's The Cherokee Trail.  Made in association with The Disney Channel and The Seven Network Australia.  A Valstar Pty. Ltd. Production.  60-minute format.  39 episodes.  First aired in 1983.


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