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Henry Crawford is one of Australia's foremost producers of quality television programs.  He has worked in almost all aspects of the film industry including acting and story editing.  He was produced in excess of 300 hours of films, television and drama.  His work has achieved critical acclaim and high ratings.  Crawford produced the first Australian mini-series which was called "AGAINST THE WIND," followed by the mini-series "A TOWN LIKE ALICE."  "A TOWN LIKE ALICE" has been sold in 70 countries.  In the United States, the mini-series aired on Mobil's Masterpiece Theatre and was honored with a number of awards including:

1981 - International Emmy Award
1982 - Nominated Emmy Award (won by Marco Polo)
1982 - New York Film and TV Festival -- Winner of Best Drama
1982 - Board of National Review - Best Drama on American TV, 1981
1982 - Banff TV Feature "Best Limited Drama"
1982 - British Broadcasting Critics' Guild - Best Imported Drama on UK TV, 1981

This year he completed a new mini-series called "EUREKA STOCKADE" and is currently working with Douglas Netter on a new 13-part series entitled "FIVE MILE CREEK."

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