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Obtaining copies of the videos

Disney Home Video released all 39 episodes in a 20 volume video set -- unfortunately these are now out-of-print.  The good news is that you can find copies of many at online video stores and the auction sites.

If you know of any additional places videos can be purchased, please contact the webmasters and we'll add it to the list.

The following list is for informational purposes only.  We give no endorsement as to the reputation of the seller or to the quality of their product.  (Use of any graphics from this site by a seller is not an indication of endorsement or association by/with this site or the site owners.)

A great place to find previously owned/rental store videos for auction.  There are frequently sellers who auction sets of volume 1 through 15 factory sealed tapes.
Mickey's Movies
Many of the volumes are for sale at reasonable prices.
Auctions -- select the auction tab and search for Five Mile Creek. Quite a few tapes available for reasonable prices.
ZShops -- Merchants providing copies of the videos for set prices.  Some real bargains here as well as some truly ridiculous prices.
Primetime Pictures
Has sets of factory-sealed volumes 1 - 15 for sale.
1st Video
Has a small selection of clamshell and cardstock tapes available.


Getting FMC re-issued

Click on the DVD link under the image of the video box and let Disney know you'd like FMC re-issued.
TV Shows on DVD
Cast your vote to have Disney release FMC on DVD.  Registration required.


Five Mile Creek related sites

Five Mile Creek (a Title and Air Dates Guide)
A complete listing of the original Disney Channel air dates. Additionally, they have a great image of Jack and Con on a stagecoach.
Five Mile Creek at TV Tome
A wealth of information about the show and the cast and crew.  You can even rate the various episodes and leave viewer comments.
Julie's FMC site
According to her site, Julie loves shows set in the 1800's and provides a wonderful look at Five Mile Creek.  Includes character summaries, an episode guide, and a discourse on Con and Kate's relationship.
Jovonna's FMC page
Find out Jovonna's thoughts on the various characters of the show.
Sarah's FMC fanfiction site
Features fanfiction based on FMC.  Information about how to submit fanfiction for publication on her site is available.


Liz Burch

Kajsa's Flying Doctors Homepage
Comprehensive site containing just about everything you would want to know about the TV series.  Episode list, quotes from the show, and fanfiction are just a few of the things you'll find here. English and Swedish versions.


Michael Caton

Michael Caton -- The Castle
A nice article about Caton's work on The Castle, Australia's  highest grossing movie in 1997.


Louise Caire Clark

Taliesin Jones
The official site for the award-winning film Louise Caire Clark recently produced.


Henry Crawford

Explore the breath-taking beauty of Crawford's five-star resort.  While at the site, be sure to look at pictures of The Point -- a villa he designed.


Jay Kerr

Aperans, the Haven for Wizards and Warriors
Explore the site dedicated to the show Kerr starred in prior to Five Mile Creek.  Extensive cast and crew information, interviews with a large number of the cast and crew -- including one with Jay Kerr (Con Madigan), transcripts, fanfiction, a sound and photo gallery, mailing list, and even video clips.  A site not to be missed by any Jay Kerr fan!
Yahoo Wizards and Warriors Club
Features a message board, video captures from the show, and a place for members to post pictures.


Nicole Kidman

Team Nicole
The resource for information about Kidman's professional life.  Includes up-to-date news, pictures, in-depth information about her career in film, stage, radio and television, message boards and a chat room.  Definitely worth a look!
Nicole Kidman (fans) United
The site can be a bit difficult to navigate around but its makes up for it with it's up-to-date news about Nicole Kidman and top-notch filmography section.


Martin Lewis

Sour Grapes Film Festival
Learn about Lewis's current endeavor.  Features a biography and a pictures of a very young Lewis and as he looks now (he's the one wearing the black shirt, with the blue, button-down shirt over it).
Fatty Finn
Based on a comic strip of the same name, Fatty Finn is Australia's answer to the Little Rascals.  Features a picture gallery.


Concord Stagecoaches

The Concord Coach
An extensive site featuring just about everything you want to know about the Concord coaches.
Hints for the Traveler
An article in 1877 gives passengers suggestions on easing their stagecoach travels.


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