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Code of Conduct


  1. Treat others with respect, i.e. treat others as you would like to be treated.  While it is understandable heated arguments may, on rare occasion, occur, flaming of another member or the forum administration/moderating staff will not be tolerated.

    Flaming:  when a thread becomes too heated and/or discussion loses all objectivity and dissolves into personal attacks.  In this situation moderators/administrations will lock the thread so no other posts may be made to it.  In select cases the offending posts or the entire thread may be removed.  Moderators will additionally send private warnings to the participants involved with the flaming (see also Member Banning).  Should a thread get locked, do not start a new thread in order to continue the topic.  If this occurs moderators have the authority to ban the person(s) in question immediately.
  2. Discussion of the private lives of the production team/cast/crew is absolutely 100% not acceptable.  We are fans first and foremost.  As such we should be respectful of their right to privacy and keep our discussions strictly to their professional careers.  Topics considered inappropriate for discussion include, but is not limited to, relating gossip you may have heard about a production team/cast/crew member, speculation about why a cast/crew member may have left the show, the cast/crew's interpersonal and/or romantic relationships and/or sexual orientation.
  3. This site, the associated mailing list, or forums are not affiliated or associated with any of the producers, cast, or crew.  While we do maintain good relations with many of them, we are neither the official Five Mile Creek website, nor the official club for any of the cast/crew.  If any of the producers, cast, or crew do participate on the message boards, they will be designated by a special avatar and listed with a unique title.  In other words, if someone posts saying he is Henry Crawford and doesn't have "Producer" as the title and one of the larger avatars, it's not Henry.
  4. For-profit auction announcements, offers/requests for tape copying is strictly prohibited.
  5. Please remember this is a discussion forum.  It is not an instant messaging service.  Use MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, or Yahoo! Instant Messenger instead.  If you would like to instant message with other Five Mile Creek fans, we encourage you to provide your instant messaging information on your profile.
  6. Be mindful that children do frequent the forums and as such keep your language "child appropriate."
  7. Please do not hotlink.  Hot linking is when you post a direct link to an image or file on another website so that it will display in your post.  We ask that you do not do this as it "steals" the bandwidth of another's site.  If there is a picture you would like people to see, post a link to the page where it can be viewed or, in the very least, ask permission of the site's webmaster prior to posting a link to the image(s).  Linking to pictures located on this site ( is permitted.
  8. We have tried to provide a wide selection of avatar pictures.  However some avatars are restricted for the use of site/forum administrators, hosts, moderators, cast, crew, and producers.  If you would like an avatar made from a particular image, please post your request in the Website forum.
  9. Most importantly, have fun and get to know your fellow Five Mile Creek fans.
  10. This Code of Conduct may be revised or amended at any time without notification by the site and forum administrators.  Any changes will be posted in the News and Announcements forum.


Member Banning:

  1. On the first occurrence a forum member posts something that breaches the COC, they will receive a private warning.
  2. The second time, they will receive another private warning as well as being placed on a 48 hour suspension.
  3. The third time the member in question will be permanently banned from future participation on the forums.
  4. An exception to this procedure will be if a member posts pornographic materials or provides a link to a pornographic website.  In this case the person shall be banned immediately and the posts removed from the site.

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