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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Is this site, the associated mailing list or message board a source for Five Mile Creek videos?

A.  No, but we do provide a listing of known places to purchase the videos in the topmost section of our links page.

Q.  I've seen auctions on eBay using graphics from your site.  Does that mean the seller(s) is/are endorsed by or associated with this site?

A.  No.  We have not and will not endorse any particular seller.  Use of any of our content (graphics or text) is not an indication of a "stamp of approval" on our part.

Q.  Why are volumes 16 through 20 so expensive?

A.  There are two reasons.  First, Disney issued the videos three times.  We don't know why but during the last release volumes 16 through 20 were not re-issued so there are fewer copies of those videos floating around.  Secondly, Nicole Kidman starred in those particular episodes which also helps drive up the price tag.

Q.  How do I spot bootleg copies of Five Mile Creek videos?

A.  If the clamshell looks brand new, pull the picture from it and look at the back.  If the paper isn't slightly off-white, check the front of the picture.  It should have a semi-gloss shine to it.  A bootleg is often pure white and the front has no shine to the surface.

The weight of the clamshell tapes is heavier than the newer tapes.

Check the label on the tape.  If it is not shiny then rub it gently with water.  If the ink smears easily with water, it was run through a ink jet printer and is probably a bootleg.

If the tapes have no labels or boxes (clamshells or cardstock), it is probably a copy.

Q.  Which episodes did Nicole Kidman appear in?

A.  Nicole Kidman joined the cast during the final season of Five Mile Creek.  The particular episodes she appears in are season 3, episodes 2 - 13.  These can be found on video tape volumes 14 - 20.

Q.  Will you make copies for me?  Pretty please?

A.  No.  Next question?

Q.  Does Disney plan to re-issue the videos?  Any chance the series will be available on DVD?

A.  Updated 8/12/05 - Five Mile Creek will be released in a 4 volume set on November 8th, 2005.

Q.  Is this the official Five Mile Creek website?

A.  Nope.  We're just fans who decided to pay tribute to a fantastic TV series.

Q.  Is there an official Five Mile Creek website?

A.  Not that we're aware of.

Q.  Are any of the cast or crew aware of this website?

A.  A good number, actually.  In 2000, we received an e-mail from Henry Crawford (Producer).  Mr. Crawford stated he was "delighted to find your FMC web site on the web" and that he was "so pleased there are people out there who care about it. I loved making the series."  More recently, Mr. Crawford has taken an active role with this website -- providing in-depth information about the production, as well as actively participating on the FMC mailing list.

We've also heard from Martin Lewis (Sam) and Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott) who have provided invaluable information about the FMC production.  Additionally, they took the time to answer questions about their careers and time with the show.  You can find their interviews, along with Jay Kerr's, in the Cast and Crew section.

Jay Kerr (Con Madigan), Michael Caton (Paddy Malone), Liz Burch (Kate Wallace), Rod Mullinar (Jack Taylor), Priscilla Weems (Hannah Scott), Kevin J. Dobson (Director of fifteen episodes), Tom Hegarty (Writer of five episodes and Story Editor), Graham Foreman (Associate Producer, Story Editor, and Writer of three episodes), Peter Kinloch (Writer of five episodes), Jan Bladier (Line Producer), and David Lee (Line Producer) are aware of this website.

Q.  How can I contact insert name here?

A.  Currently, we only have contact information for Louise Caire Clark, Martin Lewis and Nicole Kidman.  We eventually plan on obtaining contact information for the rest of the cast and crew.  Any addresses for cast/crew will be located under their listing in the Cast and Crew section.

Q.  Why do a website after all these years?

A.  Because we felt such a stunning show deserves a presence on the Internet so we did this homage to the series.


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