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November 1983
Several articles pertaining to the special two-part premiere of Five Mile Creek, including comments from Henry Crawford (Producer).  Also included is a "Table Talk" question about the roles of women.
January 1984
Summaries of episodes The Scrub Bulls and Bang the Big Drum.  Also, a "Table Talk" question about Maggie's decision not to tell Hannah about her father.
February 1984
Summaries of episodes Gold Fever and Annie.
March 1984
Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott) relates how working on FMC was "like winning the lottery."  Also, episode summaries for Home and Away and The Awakening.
August 1984
Summaries of episodes When the Kookaburra Cries and Walk Like a Man.
December 1984
Douglas Netter (Executive Producer), Louise Caire Clark (Maggie Scott), and Liz Burch (Kate Wallace) discuss Christmas Down Under, the move to Melbourne for the start of season 3, and the addition of Nicole Kidman to the cast.
January 1985
Summary of Traveler's Tales, the third season premiere.
May 1985
Episode summaries for A Dog Named Johnson and Fish Out of Water.
July 1985
Summaries for A Lot of Hot Air and One Fine Day.
September 1986
A series overview when the series began in reruns by popular demand.
December 1986
Another brief series overview with an image from Mail Order Brides.

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